Data Analytics & Insight Services

In today’s world data is king. Your business and your customers are generating huge amounts of digital data – do you understand this data as well as you want to?

Organizations are feeling constrained by the legacy IT systems in responding to internal data analytics requirements.

Nuage leverages this data to provide important insight of your business, answer key commercial questions, and help organisations predict and react to future trends. Our data analytics and insight services cover every part of the information spectrum, from data collection and analytics through to reporting and presentation.

Our services help organizations understand and visualize data using open-source technologies.


  • IOT Analytics: Enable business assemble and effectively use data from multiple sensors and multiple sources.
  • Risk Analytics: Enable businesses to manage risk more efficiently by making risk-aware decisions.
  • Customer Analytics: Enables businesses understand their customers better – their consumption trend and loyalty to enhance value across the customer life cycle.
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics: Enable marketers to increase return on marketing investments.


  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Jaspersoft
  • AWS DataLake, Athena, Glue, QuickSite
  • Bespoke