Start-up founders and small business need a trusted IT partner to convert their idea(s) into reality. The key words here are “Trust” and “Partner”.

When a start-up has a new idea they have to make sure that its safe and secure till they are ready to show it to the world. By the very function of technology, the idea has to be shared with the technology partner at a very early stage making the trust factor important.

The Technology team must be invested in the idea and need to deliver on time. Both require a partnership rather than a vendor/purchaser relationship. The technology team must understand the idea and the business, design the optimum workable solution, identify the ideal technology set and build the right solution.

Nuage has proven itself to be the “Trusted Technology Partner” to several start-ups over the past three years. We are a team of highly professional and enthusiastic techno-functional experts who adopt a holistic approach to understand your capabilities and requirement and provide you with a solution which would be demand as well as price sensitive. We also take a long-term approach by becoming your technology team from development to BAU operations.

Viable Product

Most large projects end in failure

Defining a time boxed minimum viable product to prove the business idea minimizes the risk

We work with you to identify the minimum set of business requirements that would allow for your product to get to market