Changing Technology and Role of L&D


“IT industry is growing”, “IT industry is letting go of people”, “salary growth this year will be low”, “IT company is offering much higher salary to specific new hires”

Headlines such as these are in the news. They seem to be contradictory but really are not. The technical field is evolving continuously to keep up with the different demands and expectations of the consumers. The technology advancement can be seen everywhere starting from the new and improved versions of Programming languages and coding styles to the range of digital solution available in the market.

Thus, making it imperative for those working on it to keep themselves up-to- date and aware of the changes. Those who update themselves continuously see the positive headlines. All others see the not so positive ones.

The only way out to save us from being outmoded is: firstly, by accepting that change is inevitable and a crucial part of our survival. Once we have the realization then we need to work towards incorporating that change within us. Secondly, by not being complacent and keeping abreast of the latest trends.

Yes, a lot of hard work, time, dedication and devotion is required if you want to remain at the top of game.

But again, nothing is difficult to achieve with a focused and well- directed mind.

Few ways to keep up-to-date with the change is by:

  1. Taking part in Tech webinars and events

  2. Keeping abreast with the Tech related news on newspapers, signing-up for newsletters

  3. Revisiting the basics, join a refresher course or get trained on new skills

  4. Experiment with technology without any fear of failures

  5. Optimum utilization of social networking sites

  6. Listen to industry leaders

  7. Listen to podcasts

  8. Reading Tech Blogs

The key point to remember is that, “Learning & Development is a never-ending process”. We all should strive to keep the movement of leaning and development in action only then will we remain relevant.