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Keeping track of invoices

Problem description– The $50 million company in the facilities management business had clients and offices across the country. Invoices were […]


A developer’s day starts by pulling the code from the project’s Git repository and ends by merging the code to […]

Changing Technology and Role of L&D

“IT industry is growing”, “IT industry is letting go of people”, “salary growth this year will be low”, “IT company […]

Why Cloud Services require third-party support?

Many businesses want to realize the power of cloud and the immediate savings from the expensive burden of owning and […]

Pandas with Python

Pandas (Python Data Analysis Library) is a data structures and analysis library.  It’s used for analysis and data science. Other […]

Test Automation with Selenium

  Software testing plays an important role in delivering high quality software to the end user. With incorporating test automation […]

Discovering the Magic of 3D Visualization

We are in the age of visual computing. Much of what we do on computers from mobile phones to computer desktops involves […]

APIs the right way

APIs are one of the most important aspect of a fully functioning end product, especially, when you are extensively working […]

Cordova Plugin

Building Cordova plugin Developers use plugins to implement external libraries like Google maps, Push notifications plugins etc. Generally for every […]

Native VS Hybrid Applications

The traditional model of writing Apps has been to write native language code for each platform – JAVA for android, […]

UX Design - Nuage
UX design

UI and UX two different words are mistakenly used as synonyms. The difference between UI and UX is that UX […]

Reimagining IoT Architecture

IoT devices are small and distributed in contrast to typical networked items such as PCs, Servers, Smart Phones / Tablets […]

Splunk an overview

There is a massive increase in machine data over the last decade. The main reason for this is gradual increase […]

AWS Patch Management

Patching AWS Servers A lot of us assume that once we are in AWS, Amazon will take care of all […]

Monitoring AWS

AWS is one of the most effective, uniform and reliable platforms in the cloud market. However even the best of the networks requires regular monitoring […]

Is GDPR a four-letter word?

GDPR is just the start. After Europe, half the world is moving towards creating privacy rights legislation. California has just […]

Is the client always right?

How many of us in the IT industry have heard the sentence “the client is always right” uttered by our […]

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